ELTI Rajasthan, Bikaner

Govt Institute of Advanced Studies in Education
Opposite Dr. Karni Singh Stadium
Bikaner (Rajasthan) 334001

A state Institute established by the Government of Rajasthan and sponsored by ELTISS, EFL University, Hyderabad

The ELTI, Rajasthan, Bikaner provides opportunity to the teachers to grow professionally by focusing on innovative techniques, methods and approaches of teaching English. It also seeks to help the teachers to acquire new skills to meet the changing needs of the learners, to develop reflective practitioners with their professional values and goals, to foster a research- based approach to curriculum development, to empower the teachers to act as change agents in their local contexts to embed communication and information technologies effectively into a wide range of modules and to evaluate the outcomes of these interventions.

•To offer in-service development programmes to teachers of English
•To offer assistance in material Production
•To offer courses for the teachers for their further study
•To help teachers undertake research projects to improve English
Language Teaching
•To help teachers take on the role of the teacher trainers in ELT
and help resource persons at the District Centres

Resources and Activities
•Library facility for the teachers
•Material for the classroom teaching
•Website to help the teachers online
•Counseling and guidance
•Publication of ELT Journal
•Seminar and Conferences on Contemporary issues of ELT
•Need analysis and Research
•Spoken English Courses for the students
•School visit and follow up activities
•Regular and Correspondence Courses for the professional development
of the teachers

Courses and Programmes

Orientation Programmes for Teachers
Proficiency Cources for Teachers
Correspondence Courses

Resource Centres
District Centre for English, IASE, Bikaner
District Centre for English, DIET, Jodhpur
District Centre for English, DIET, Kota

CM Gangwal:Director
Rameshwar Lal Basera:Reader
Ram Gopal Sharma:Chief Resource Person
Yashoda Khatri:Resource Person

DCE Jodhpur
Rajni Shekhawat:Chief Resource Person

DCE Kota
Neeta Chaturvedi:Chief Resource Person
Rahul Sharma:Resource Person