2 thoughts on “All About L.I.F.E. (Language Information For English) for teachers and learners around the world | Wix.com

  1. ENGLISH with RAYMOND©® sponsors the “All About L.I.F.E. (Language Information For English) group in LinkedIn and in Facebook. We have just received official notice that the website for this group has been linked directly to the ENGLISH LANGUAGE TEACHING INSTITUTE (ELTI) in Bikaner (Rajashtan) India. It is a privilege and an honor to collaborate with this Institute. We hope that your teachers and students find our information useful.

    Kind regards,

    Raymond Bevilacqua
    Founder and Manager of “All About L.I.F.E. (Language Information For English)

    Director and Profesor of “English with Raymond”

    Website: http://www.englishwithraymond.com

    Website in FlashPlayer: http://englishwithraymond.wix.com/ewr

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/ENGLISH-with-RAYMOND-en-Madrid/279599355393112

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/EwRmadrid

    Blogger: http://ewrmadrid.blogspot.com.es

    LinkedIn: http://es.linkedin.com/in/englishwithraymond

  2. NOW ON SALE in Internet!!!

    ENGLISH with RAYMOND has just released a new e-book for sale called “Talk-Listen-Speak: “Functional & Situational Usage of English”©.

    Webpage: http://www.bubok.es/libros/171145/TalkListenSpeak–Functional-amp-Situational-Usage-of-English

    Today’s teachers and learners of English as a second language are always looking for realistic practice of the language which is convenient, and adapted to real life situations for both work and personal life experiences.

    This e-book contains a careful collection of almost 1,000 PRACTICAL AND SITUATIONAL QUESTIONS over a wide range of different topics in order to help both the teacher and the student obtain realistic practice of the English language.

    Topics have been carefully chosen in order to give the student practical learning experience in answering functional questions which help to stimulate and maintain realistic conversations with adults in a wide variety of different circumstances for work, home and play.

    A “sampling”of some of the topics covered in this book include computer technology; creative thinking; educational experience; environmental and social issues; family life; food and dining; gatherings and meetings; holiday events; human development and life stages; human relationships and society; knowledge and opinions; leisure time; likes and dislikes; modern life and lifestyles; motivational skills; personal and professional life; personal beliefs; personal native culture; personal preferences; places and events; time management; travel experience; U.S. culture; visitors and guests; and work skills and professional experience.

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